“Before working with Dr. Penney I had severe seasonal allergies and allergy induced asthma. I was taking multiple allergy prescriptions and was miserable from April to July. Traditional doctors had suggested invasive allergy shots and after one experience of extreme itching I started looking for something less invasive. After I started working with Dr. Penney and the Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Treatments (NAET) I saw immediate results after the first couple of treatments! The treatments were relaxing and non-invasive. I found I immediately had more energy! Not only were my seasonal allergies completely gone, but some of the digestive issues I was having were eliminated as well! Camping this summer with our family was much more enjoyable and I was able to stop taking all of the prescription medication. Thank you Dr. Penney, for helping me once again enjoy the spring and summer!”
Rachel Johnsen


“A couple of years ago I completed NAET treatments with Dr Penney for my food sensitivities with great results. Now my 4 year old son is completing NAET for his food sensitivities which has had a remarkable impact on him and our family. Not only can he eat “normal” foods at school, he is also much more happy & calm.”

Kristi Booth


“After struggling for 4 years trying to self-identify food sensitivities, I finally came to Dr Penney for help. The N.A.E.T. program was explained and I chose to immediately begin treatment. Within 24 hours of the first treatment, I was able to once again eat eggs, which I hadn’t eaten for over 5 years. As I progressed through the program, I learned I had numerous sensitivities I was not aware of. No way would I have ever figured this out on my own or been able to subsist on what limited food would be left after eliminating all that I was sensitive to. As we eliminated issue after issue, it was so welcoming to add foods back to my diet that I had not eaten for some time, and a greater relief to have all symptoms eliminated. N.A.E.T. is a fabulous program. It not only quickly identifies the allergy problem/s, but the treatment is so very gentle. Even relaxing! I no longer have to worry about possible food sensitivity symptoms from what I eat at home or away from home.”

Trudy Webb


“I brought my five year old daughter to Dr Penney after suffering months of allergic hives all over her body. She was allergic to everything and eliminating it from her diet would have left her with very few options for food. After learning about NAET, we felt hopeful and after a few treatments, we noticed a huge change in allergic reactions. Once the treatments were completed, my daughter felt like she had a worry free kid life again. She is so thankful she can eat in freedom again. Our family is so grateful for NAET and Dr. Penney for all their help! We recommend it to anyone suffering from allergic reactions.”

Rhonda P


“I came into Dr Penney’s office hopeless that there was a solution to my health problems. I was suffering from fatigue, headaches, shortness of breath, lightheadedness; all made worse with exertion, as well as severe allergies. Over the last year, I had spent countless hours at the doctor’s office, testing and trying out new medications with no success and often feeling worse with the side effects. The only diagnosis I would get was “stress” and/or anxiety.” My first appointment with Dr Penney I felt like someone understood for the first time what I had been going through. We developed a plan to address my issues using NAET and other methods, none of which had terrible side effects or included intrusive tests. Within only a few treatments, my headaches had gone away. In just a few more, I had breath to sing again. I now have the freedom to live again. Thank you for everything.

Ree S, age 25


“NAET has improved many areas of my life and I am so thankful for the blessings I now enjoy because of it. Low energy and fatigue was a big problem for me in the past, but I have been steadily improving with treatment. Instead of feeling heavy and slow, I now feel light and energetic. Body aches are a thing of the past now too.

One area of my life that I have seen surprising results with as well has been a more clear and focused mind. I used to suffer with racing thoughts, brain fog, anxiety, and depression. I had so much going on in my mind, I just couldn’t think very clearly. It seemed to take too much effort to think or understand. Now I can actually use my brain and things make sense. I am going back to school now and thrive on learning each day.

The last area I have seen good results with has been an improvement with digestion. I had sensitivities to many foods and lived with abdominal pain much of the time. I rarely have that kind of pain anymore.

My quality of life has improved greatly because of NAET treatments. I wake each day with a feeling of excitement and joy. My mind is at peace and my body is balanced. I can do the things I have always wanted to do. Life is good.”